The club of Chocolate Gallery established


A chocoholic in the Chocolate Gallery

“I swear by chocolate in front of all of you,
I deeply love and cherish,
That I will try to sweeten the life
Of the ones who really need it”

This is the text of the oath said publicly by the members of the Club of the Chocolate Gallery on 11 October 2011 in the chococafé of “Premier Chocolate Gallery” in Kralja Aleksandra Street No. 24 in Belgrade.

Sweet chocolate evening is an announcement of the cooperation between the Chocolate Gallery and the publishing house Portalibris, famous for the well-known books “Chocoholic and friends”, “Chocoholic on a diet”. This evening has been unique opportunity for the guests to become members of the club of the Chocolate Gallery that would be of humanitarian character. Among the numerous chocolate lovers a lot of celebrities came and talked about their passion for chocolate, read parts of the book “Chocoholic and friends”, had a nice time…Furthermore, the members had the opportunity to try some sweet products from the Chocolate Gallery.

The founders Mrs Tatjana Vučičević on behalf of the Chocolate gallery and Miss Jovana Ristić on behalf of the Portalibris  presented the plans and explained the humanitarian goals of the club, what would only be the continuation of the sequence of humanitarian activities that these two companies have been organizing for some time.

The two companies announced the mutual cooperation on the 56th book fair, due to the new publishing of the book “Chocoholic and friends”, where the first 200 buyers would get the special gift from the Chocolate Gallery. There will be business associates and the friends of the founders, people from the economy, culture and media representatives.

We wanted to remind (and keep reminding) the people that we should think of the ones who need our help and that we should help them whenever we can and make their lives easier. The satisfactions and the pleasures (even in chocolate or reading) we get should be a signal and a motivation to think about the others, to provide the other people with happy moments, to share them with somebody…