New Year

New Year parties for children organization

Dear parents, companies, trade unions!

We are pleased to offer you this year, now with 22 years experience in organizing children’s New Year parties and preparing New Year’s gift packages, the best choice of plays and presents for your children.

Our team of 30 artists, technicians, and supporting staff will do their best to justify the expectations of your children this year.

We are pleased that children who had come to receive presents, watch the play, and look forward to his favorite hero Santa Claus during the early years of organizing such events, come here again bringing their children and enjoy together with them again.

We invite you to give us the opportunity to present our bid for you to choose an arrangement that suits your wishes and demands best.

We would be glad if you call us in case you need any additional information.

The offer you can see is for:

  • Parents (for individual visits)
  • Small and large companies and their departments of Human Resources
  • Trade unions of small and large companies

Without nervousness and the loss of time, you can choose a toy and sweets for the children’s gift packages, book a play in the best Belgrade hotel “Hyatt Regency”, then get a picture of your child with Santa Claus. And the most important of all, you can give your children the satisfaction and enjoyment that will forever be remembered – all that in one place.

Ponuda za Novu Godinu 2016